Framework 16&13 mainboard

Will the frame work 16 mainboard be replaceable?
Will the framework 16 and framework 13 mainboards be swappable? Because on closer look the framework 16 and 13 mainboards have a slightly different design…

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Given Framework’s history, it is safe to assume that it will be replaceable.

No. They are different shapes. Consider the existence of the two extra ports, the cooling system, and the new Expansion Bay interface—they would not fit in the Framework 13 chassis.


Thanks for your answer.
Is there any way we can hook an external GPU directly to framework 13 mainboard(not from USB C ports) while using it as a separate machine ?

What does that mean? But generally, the only way to attach an external GPU to the Framework 13 is via USB-C/Thunderbolt or, if you’re feeling very adventurous, by using one of the M.2 slots for the Wifi or the SSD with an adapter.

You don’t have to use one of the expansion cards. You could plug it directly into the mainboard via one of the USB-C ports on the mainboard. This assumes you are talking about a standard eGPU in an external housing. If you are talking about the GPU designed for the 16" Framework, then no. That GPU has a special interface connector that the Framework 13 mainboard does not have.

If we are missing the point of your question, feel free to clarify and we’ll try to help.