Framework 16 display panel

I’ve just read on the blog about the display panel to come with FW16, good stuff.

Is it in the plan(s) to release higher resolution panels?

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@sinatosk 2k 16:10 sounds enough for most people and the ‘norm’ in high end laptops right now. Any higher would eat up battery life and cost quite abit

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It still wouldn’t hurt as an option, a 4k panel that is 60hz. It gives you more space for programming, and when you plug it into a 4k monitor you don’t have to have everything rescaled or shifted.

@gna1 a 4k option will likely be availabile down the line, but ill say 2k is the sweetspot for performance/ resolutions for this generation, mainly battery isnt great and people want 120+hz in gaming. The industry is only phasing out 1080p and will take anotherwhile to make 4k optimal for the majority of systems.(most steaming sites still dont come with real 4k)

i think ill personally be fine without 4k for coding…


I realize that this is a matter of personal preference, but I have a hard time believing anyone would be comfortable using a 16:10 16" 4k display at 100% scaling. In fact, I happen to own a 16:9 15.7" 4k display (long story), and I found 100% scaling entirely unusable.

As I just mentioned, most users with their eyes further than 5 inches from the screen will likely need scaling to make such a display useful. This means that, ironically, a 4k screen would need scaling where a 2k screen wouldn’t!

Indeed, a 2k screen on the Framework 16 at 100% scaling would likely match up with external 4k screens quite well.

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