Multiple choices of screens?

  1. Will 3:2/16:9/16:10 screens be supported? (16:9 will be better for game players, 16:10 has been used by Apple for years and recently become a new fashion among other companies like thinkpad)
  2. Will 60Hz/90Hz/144Hz be supported? (Maybe 144Hz is too large but 90Hz has been tried by Redmi and Lenovo YOGA 14s)

You kids these days :slightly_smiling_face:. 16:10 was the only widescreen game in town until HDTV had to come and ruin everything. Used to be, everything was 4:3 with the occasional 5:4 oddity. 1600×1200 was insanely high resolution. Then someone decided wider was better and we got 1920×1200, which was one of the best resolutions ever for productivity and the gold standard… until HDTV came and stole our vertical pixels.

Personally, I would dearly love to see a 4k 16:10 monitor…

Ah, but for framework, specifically? We would need a totally different chassis for anything but a 13.5" 3:2 panel. Maybe one day it will happen, but not any time soon. Personally, I’m holding out for a 3000×2000.

Well, you obviously aren’t a Gamer. Not that I think Gamers are going to be as interested in the current framework hardware anyway (no dGPU is sort of a deal-breaker for that crowd), but gaming laptops come as high as 300 Hz.


@RandomUser Do note that the type of LCD connector on the motherboard will have bandwidth limits.

I don’t know what those limits are for the Framework laptop, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about high DPI and refresh rates (I’m guessing there is some room for improvement, though).

I mean, thunderbolt 4 can do 4k at 120hz. worst case is that you do some weird routing with an expansion card

@Zax … good point. And now I think it was silly of me to suggest that the motherboard can’t handle upgrades. I’d imagine they planned ahead so that future upgrades have at least some backwards-compatibility.

300 million fps, that would be quite the thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Intel Graphics Command Center notes that the internal display is using DisplayPort. It doesn’t mention a specific version, but the Intel Ark page for the processor (the i7-1185G7 in my case), notes that the Xe graphics uses eDP 1.4b: Intel Core i71185G7 Processor 12M Cache up to 4.80 GHz with IPU Product Specifications

I would assume the motherboard connector supports the same, so you should be capable of putting anything from a 4K 120 Hz monitor to a 1440p 240 Hz monitor in the system (DisplayPort - Wikipedia). The real issue is finding a panel that fits (or making it fit), that also has the right connector of the right length.

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I am holding out for a 90-120hz display down the line.

@Jacob_Padgett Nothin silly at all about it. It’s definitely a valid question to have, especially with other machines as reference. I didn’t know about the capability of thunderbolt to push display out like that. It would be funny if the internal connector was less capable than the expansion slot though. It better not be, but it would be kinda funny

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The one thing I’m holding out for is a higher refresh rate monitor. I would really like a lower resolution, 120hz panel. The aspect ratio is nice, although 16:10 would be interesting too but I know that would require a new chassis and that’s probably a while out.