Framework 16 display quality changes on dGPU

Does anyone else notice dramatic display image quality when the dGPU becomes active? There is a slight hang while the AMD SmartAccess Graphics does it’s things and switches from the iGPU to dGPU or visa versa. The image quality dramatically changes as well. Saturation, brightness and dynamic range all are much improved while the dGPU is active. Perhaps there is a setting in Windows or AMD Adrenalin causing this. This occurs whether or not connected to power.

I was in batch 2 so maybe as more units are delivered others may be able to chime in.

Have not observed this on Linux at all. I suspect it might have to do with ABM and the MUX.

By default the Windows AMD drivers have some setting enabled to adjust the backlight adaptively to try and save power. Somewhere on this forum I saw someone say the colours got better when disabling it.

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I can’t seem to find it right now, but I read on here that there are two features at play that might be causing what you are seeing. Basically, there is an AMD setting and a Windows setting. Both provide “dynamic” changes in brightness, contrast and saturation based on the ambient lighting. It’s possible that one of the settings is on and one of them is off. So when you switch between dGPU and iGPU, it’s also looking at one or the other of those settings, one being on and one being off.

Can’t say for sure, but that’s what I’d be looking for. If I can find the comment about those settings and where to find them, I’ll link it here.

Found it. Also, welcome to the community!


The title of that tread sounds like my problem. I’ll take a look tonight. And thank you. I’ve been a Mac user for the past 8 years or so. Having to readjust to Windows.

I had noticed this behavior with change in brightness as well.

Turning off Veri-Bright in the AMD software solved it for me.

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This seems to have solved the problem. Thank you. Laptop is even better now.

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