Saturated or Washed Out Colors in Windows 11

Ever since switching to Windows from Linux I’ve been noticing that when my computer wakes up from sleep the colors are all blown out. Everything feels way too bright/saturated every now and then. I just installed the driver bundle and then upgraded to the latest intel display driver. Anyone else have experience with fixing this on the Framework? I’ve never seen this behavior before, it doesn’t happen on my Thinkpad with Windows 11.


I just found that this stupid setting was checked. Might have something to do with it. Will report back if it’s still happening.

Update 2:

Unchecking this box seems to have helped, not seeing any issues waking up the laptop this morning with the colors.

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try Start > Intel Graphics Command Center and turn off Adaptive Contrast


So I did have this installed at some point and did in fact turn that off. Then I uninstalled the program but maybe it’s still being enabled by default without it?

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On AMD systems there is a setting called Veri-Bright that needs to be turned off.

[SOLUTION] Colors on the display appear washed out or over saturated after installing the AMD graphics driver for Windows - Community Support - Framework Community