(13+16)/2=14,5 new designs

What if build a new option of chasis, something about 14,5’

With inside of 13’ (mainboard, etc)
And outside of 16’ (keyboard, etc)

With square backplate as asus dash model?
And also black edition

Its a nice idea but Framework would probably need to sell much more products before other formats would be profitable. Maybe start doing advertising for them?


I doubt that an intermediate design would be different enough to justify it’s existence.

Many of the Framework 16’s features couldn’t exist on a smaller laptop. The input module system and expansion bay system both seem to require the full width.

So a smaller laptop would likely be just a slightly bigger version of the Framework 13, however the Framework 13 actually already has an unusually large display for a 13-inch laptop (I think a lot of companies would probably call the Framework 13 a 14-inch laptop, Framework just calls it a 13-inch).

Normally a 16-inch display would have ~51% more screen space than a 13-inch display, however the Framework 16’s display is only ~37% larger than the Framework 13’s display.

That doesn’t leave much room for an intermediate size that is different enough to justify it’s existence, especially since it would be mostly a larger version of the Framework 13 maybe with 6 expansion card slots and a slightly larger battery. That might have some demand, although I suspect that most of the people that would want that would be satisfied by one of Framework’s other laptops.

I doubt there is enough demand for that to justify Framework designing dozens of new parts that they then have the manufacture and manage the logistics of.


May be you are right, this idea comes first because I found much better the keyboard 16, as it is just 1 small part and not the entire cover, also because of screen

If I can connect eDP monitors on market to eDP ports of 13-inch’s eDP port, then all that I have to do is just design enclosure and make it.

I also thinking how can I use these kind of monitors with FW’s motherboard.