Framework 16 official USB-C cable specifications

I was searching around the knowledge base and product specifications a bit and wondered what the specifications for the cable were.
From reading the blog post I gathered that the cable is 2 meters long. Which is quite surprising, since currently I can’t find any other cable that is 2 meters long and supports >180W charging.

Would be nice, if anyone from the framework team or community could clear up any confusion about the specifications of the cable.

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There’s no other ≥180W USB-C chargers around yet. The framework one was the first one announced.

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What specs are you most wondering about?

If it’s mostly the specs concerning power handling that you’re wondering about, like wire gauge, it might not be much different than current cables.

USB-C PD Extended Power Range achieves higher wattage by using higher voltage, 28v for 140W, and 36v for 180W vs 20v for 100W. wikipedia USB_Power_Delivery. Higher voltage doesn’t necessarily require thicker wires like higher amps do.

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I am mostly wondering about what the cable is actually capable of or what protocols it implements (USB4, TB3/4 etc.). By capabilities I mean max power rating, max data transfer speed, DP support etc.

The cable that comes with the FW13 is just USB2 with an E-marker to signal support for 5A. I expect the FW16’s will be the same, just with an updated e-marker denoting 48V support.


Anker makes usb-c cables rated for 240Watt i have a few 6FTers and 10 FTers already Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C Cable (Bio-Braided) - Anker US. Anker 543 and they have a 700 series too

whoaaaa nice I didn’t even know this cable is 100W-compatible! That’s wonderful!

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I’ve never checked it for myself but in my hours crawling these forums I seem to remember a staff member mentioning it. Might be in the FW13’s Power Adapter blog.

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The USB-C cable with the 180W Power Adapter supports 48V/5A and USB 2.0. The USB-C cable with the 60W Power Adapter supports 20V/5A and USB 2.0.


Perfect, good to know, thank you very much. Might be good to add that to the FAQ of the product page in the buy section

Quite a few 240w 2m / 6.6ft USB-PD cables (data rate aside):

From the 180W powerbrick to the laptop, all that matters is the USB-PD spec. (i.e. TB3/4 or data rate is not a criteria between the brick and the laptop)

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