More flexible USB-C charging cable?

I know there is a lot of discussion on here about chargers, magnetic connectors, and docks, but does anyone have a favorite USB-C aftermarket charging cable they really like.
The one from Framework is a good cable, but it’s so rigid. I would like to find one a little more flexible. One that would coil up easier in my bag.

Any suggestions?


I’ve had good luck with Fasgear cables. Very flexible

Fasgear USB C to USB C Cable, 1 Pack 10ft USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C 20V/5A Fast Charging 100W Power Delivery Cords for USB-C Device, 10Gbps Data Sync, 4K@60Hz Video Output, Quest Link for Oculus, (3m,Black)


I have a few “Anker Powerline III Flow” cables which are super soft and flexible and seem to work perfectly fine.