Framework 16 Preorders

When will the preorders open for the 16in? I can’t wait to order and would love to get a reservation in!

Have they announced anything more about starting price or release date either?


The only info we have is that preorders start “this spring” and that shipments start “late 2023”.


Does anyone know if the shipping time is going to be all at once or spread out through weeks/months?
How did it went for FW13?

@Martynas Probably batch orders just like with 13th gen/Ryzen Framework 13. Can’t imagine why it would be different.


I wanted to know whether I’d need to input the address and it would ship within days after the input or I’d need to input the date and it would ship “at some point”.
i.e. I wanted to know whether the date of shipping is more-or-less predictable after the batch is finished.
I haven’t ordered anything so I don’t know. Maybe this is actually unknowable.

@Martynas You or whoever orders for you in a supported country inputs the address at time of pre-order. This order gets placed in a batch. The entire batch gets an email when the batch comes up for shipping to confirm the address. Finally, the order gets an email when the order ships. The order will ship in the later part of whatever month the batch is set to ship in. For instance, batch 1 is set to ship in May. For non-batch orders, order ships the next business day and can be expected within 5-7 business days.


Is there information about how much time people are left from the receiving of the confirmation email to the actual shipment (I assume the shipment is going to be the same 5-7 business days)?
i.e. is it one day or is it a week? Or is it something else and maybe it isn’t known?

@Martynas They ship it when they take final payment, that however is variable. It gets shipped the same month as your batch, that’s all guaranteed. When in that month nobody can tell you.

I would like to pre-order now. Can some one at framework hook it up? :smiley:


I hereby preorder the Framework 16 with Ryzen APU, 32GB Ram and 1TB nvme. :star_struck:

Darn, the anticipation is killing me… please let me order already! :crazy_face:


Same, Framework. My birthday was yesterday I’ll forgive you for forgetting if you open pre-orders today :wink: (joking of course lol)

I’d be in favor of bidding on the first units if it meant Framework could order larger batches and make later batches larger.

Let those with money to burn pay triple for the first units, double for the next batch, 50% more and so on and so forth. If it benefits Framework and users later down the line let’s do it.

Perhaps the slight chance to win the gamble of getting on earlier for the standard price makes some people hesitate to do this?

That is not a good idea. I support Framework and I was happy to pay $1k to get one but I can’t think of a single individual who would willingly pay a 3x cost, especially knowing that just waiting a month or so would dramatically bring down cost. This is commodity hardware, Framework doesn’t have any special sauce here except in implementation. This is a non-viable idea to me.



I’d like mine with the following:

16-core Ryzen APU w/ a 16TFLOP iGPU
16GB of DDR5-6900 RAM
RX 7700MXT w/ 16GB VRAM
240W USB-C PD power brick
99.9Wh main battery - 60.1Wh expansion battery (160Wh total)

I’d take that too. I’d also be happy with an Nvidia GPU. But I’d really like to have the AMD Risen 9 7945. It just seems like such overkill. I love overkill.

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@Chi_Man i dont think rx7700mxt will exist (at least not in time), its not among the leaked sku for computerx in June so wont happen for another while.

The expasion battery can fit in the expansion bay but then u cant have dgpu and that at the same time, one of the other, but i too hope for a 99Hh battery

I havnt seen a 6900hz for laptops yet, nor think framwork has the quantity to bring the price down even if its in the works. I hope it will be 6000hz not 5600hz

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I understand your response, and this probably applies to 95% of Framework customers, but you’re missing the point; there’s always a small group of customers who are financially well stocked and would love to pay double or tripple the price just to get a “special” version. Even if its just a special engraving in an otherwise standard laptop and the privilige of being in the first batch. This would generate revenue for Framework, allowing them to charge a little less to all other customers, or invest more in future product development.
Everybody wins. See it as a charity auction.