Question about Expansion Cards Default

Hi all,
I am just now considering a framework after seeing Linus several times talking about them and really liking the potential future that Framework brings to the table, and wanting to support the team, especially after seeing the Framework 16.

So, a question I had was does the Framework 16 (DIY edit. if it matters) come with any expansion cards by default? Or do I need to buy my own? I eventually plan on buying more, but if it comes with 6 ports by default (such as USB-C, USB-A, etc.), I can hold off on buying ports for a bit (until I can afford them).

Thank you so much for your help!


Hey fiddlezaner,

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I believe you are encouraged to select the expansion cards when you are creating your order. The order itself (DIY or pre-built) does not come with any any expansion cards, you need to select which ones you want.

I think you can complete your order without selecting any and you can always purchase expansion cards separately, any time you want.

Hope this helps, if it’s still not clear I can try to explain it better!


Thanks for the warm welcome!

Okay that works. Thank you so much!

No problem!

As a side note, we are currently taking pre-orders for Framework Laptop 16. I think you pay a deposit when you create your order and you are charged when the order is ready to ship in the upcoming months.

For the marketplace orders, I believe you are charged right away as they are not pre-orders and they are shipped fairly quickly.

Hope this info helps you plan your purchase better.

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Sounds good. I was looking into getting the Framework 16 laptop, as I love the idea of the graphics card expansion slot (though, that part will likely be something I don’t purchase till after I get the laptop!

It says Q2 for the 7840HS’s current batch on pre-order. Do you happen to know of any estimate as to when in Q2 that will likely ship? (Asking moreso about whether it will be early or late Q2 so I can plan on having the money in-hand at the time, as I am a student so have to meticulously budget).

Also, I did want to make sure, the Q2 estimate is this year, correct?

It is an estimate and it is Q2 of this year (not 2025). At this time we are not able to give a better estimation ( I can’t tell you which month) but you can always check the forums, Reddit or the Discord server, people in the previous batches will be sharing when they receive their laptops. We will be sharing more information about the future batches as well, when the time comes.

Okay, that is good to know! I suppose I will have to find the Discord server now! Thank you so much for your help, and see you around the forums and on social media platforms!

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Can you drop us links for the subreddit and discord please?

Of course!

@fiddlezaner welcome!

So you don’t have to read all the threads, it’s currently on pre-order, and only in the last week or so mass production has started. Some of Batch 1 will likely be shipped out over the next week or so, but Feb 8-14 is the Chinese Lunar New Year, during which time no production or shipping will be occurring. Last I heard, the estimate/strong guess was that it’d be likely that all pre-orders (at the time of the posting, I think 2-3 weeks ago) should be able to be fulfilled by Jun/July timeframe.

Again, that’s a guess, and several things could happen to delay that.

FYI, I’m just a regular user, and have been following things closely the last month as mass production neared. This is completely unofficial.


I want to point out that the cost of buying the graphics card module later will be the same as if you’re buying both the graphics module and the expansion bay shell since you’ll already have bought the shell. Personally I’m only buying mine with the GPU and save $99 by not getting the shell.