Framework 16 Temps

I’m getting real loud fans cooling an 80°C CPU and GPU even when only at 20% CPU usage. It also seems to be pretty inconsistent, sometimes its quiet and cool (around the 50-60 I would have expected for this usage) while I am doing the same tasks, currently playing Minecraft while watching YouTube.

I have two external 1080P166Hz monitors plugged in through an MST hub into the dGPU, and I am running Manjaro KDE with the simple power setting set to power efficient rather than performant, but I haven’t tinkered more than that.

It may be worth noting that I had this experience even without the external monitors

Does anyone have any advice? I’m a laptop newbie so these temps could be completely normal but it seems like the numbers are a bit high to me :sweat_smile:

Laptops tend to run hotter. You can’t fit a 120mm tower cooler to a laptop.

As long as it’s within the envelope, which 80C is well within … then it’s fine.

Fair enough, just out of interest, what temps should I be worried about?
The laptop does quickly get uncomfortably hot to have on my lap when I’m doing anything other than just watching videos

Laptops have been uncomfortably hot on your lap when pushed for about 20 years. The FW16 is less of an issue than my early MacBook Pros…

Modern laptops will throttle the CPU or GPU back before it can cause any damage. Not unusual to see hotspot temperatures for the in chip sensors in the high 90s when pushed. Power to run fans causes noise and wastes power.

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