Laptop running hot? Or, maybe this is normal

I’m used to the fact that the Intel laptops are running hot as I can hear the fan running even when I’m doing small tasks.

My last laptop was a MacBook Pro 2015 with an Intel CPU, so the fan was almost always on.

The average temperature for my Framework 16 seems to be 70°C while using Chrome and doing some work with Fusion360.

What’s odd is that the fan will slowly start when the temperature goes above 72°C, so unless I hit 75-80°C I can’t hear the fan.

Screenshot with more info


I played with the Power Mode in Windows 11 and after I set that to “Best power efficiency” it went down to 50-52.

I haven’t used Windows in over 10 years, I guess, there are a few things that I need to learn :man_facepalming:

  1. Windows 11 is bloated, there are tons of background processes running, including but not limited to privacy-invading telemetry. Debloat it.
  2. Chrome is bloated, it has a malware called software_reporter_tool.exe, which can eat a lot of your CPU.
  3. AMD 7x4x has better energy efficiency but lower thermalconductivity compared to their Intel counterparts, so higher temperature at a given power.
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What was strange, is that the CPU was always under 10-15%.

As soon as I changed the power mode the temp went down, so I guess that’s one of the reasons.

The power settings adjust the CPU clock speed. Assume your screenshot was taken before the adjustment, you can clearly see than the clock speed is higher than base speed even at a load as low as 12W

From your screenshot, it looks like CPU utilization is low, but I don’t see anything about iGPU usage.

If the iGPU is also in use, it can cause the temps to go high since it’s on the same package as the CPU.

I don’t know about Fusion360, but I do know Chrome (and even Firefox) is GPU accelerated and depending on the website(s) or tab(s) you have open, you may be utilizing your iGPU and not know it.

I’m sure HWInfo also have sensors to show you what your iGPU is doing as well. If not, you can see if Task Manager shows any usage for your “GPU”.

FYI, I am having the opposite experience. My FW16 is very quiet and mostly runs cool with my light workload. Using both Windows and Fedora and using FireFox. I used it WITH and WITHOUT the 7700S. Personally, I’m really impressed with the thermals and fan noise.

Granted I’m not using Chrome. The only time temps and fan ramps up is when I play any games (either with the 7700S or without).

That makes sense. I guess, I set it to “Best Performance” when I installed windows and forgot about it.

I was mainly concerned because is quiet. Even at 70°C there’s no noise from the cooling :sweat_smile:

I changed it back to “Best Performance” and took a new screenshot with the GPU.


I just gotta keep it on “Best power efficiency” and the temp won’t go above 55°C

The GPU was just a thought.

Although, I didn’t realize you kept it on Best Performance. I typically use mine in Balanced mode when plugged in, and Efficiency mode on battery.

If you keep it in Best Performance mode, I don’t think the CPU clocks will drop even when there’s nothing using it.

Win 11, best efficiency mode, I am getting 41c and CPU hovers around 1.3 GHz with maybe one or two cores spiking at 2.5 GHz every so often.

In Balanced, I am getting more or less the same results.

In Performance, even idling, my clocks seem to bounce higher - I still see 1.3 GHz, but it’s not resting there. It seems to be hovering between 2 GHz and 2.5 GHz. CPu also just jumped up to 35c.

It’s not crazy like yours, but mine is around 2-6% CPU utilization.

I’m currently on battery if that makes a difference.

I’m not sure why your clocks are not ramping down.

Can you boot into a live Linux distro and keep it idle and see what the temps are?

May need to install lm-sensors. You can use System Monitor or htop to monitor CPU utilization.

If you load up the CPU to 100%, will the fans ramp up?

It is not that hot on Linux.

Yup, as soon as it hits 85-90 I can hear the fan :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds like an issue with Window’s power management.

Keep it on balanced, make sure you have the most updated AMD drivers installed, and see how it does after that, I guess.

I’m using Fedora and when idle, the clock drops to 400 MHz. :astonished::grin:. Used CPU-X

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You might try expanding the Cores section under the 7940HS. Some people are seeing wide differences in core-to-core temperatures which might be contributing some to what you were seeing.

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