Framework 3:2 Portable Monitor

As the topic suggests, it would be nice for Framework to use their OEM supplier to make a portable version of the screen as a stand-alone secondary monitor with front facing speakers that would use USB-C, HDMI and DP inputs. This would embrace RtR and increase their product line incrementally with already existing parts.

Similar to this Dell but with 2 swappable ports and possibly a built in media player to plug an SSD in and watch content without an OS.

Dell 14 Portable Monitor - C1422H | Dell USA

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Iā€™m sure one could 3d print an enclosure with VESA mounting holes, or a kind of kickstand. Power and input conversion would need figuring out though.

neat idea. might be even cooler if it could be interchangeable with the laptops built in display. you could accept it being a bit thicker, but you get extra expansion slots, front speakers, etc.