Replacement Screen as portable External monitor

I am thinking about buying the matte screen. But since my laptop already has a glossy screen I would have one left over.
Has anyone tried making a portable second monitor from the Framework Screen? Is there someone else who posted on this?
If so: What challenges did you face? Do you have any 3D prints to share?


Don’t think anyone’s done any 3d prints yet, but it should be easy to import the top cover model into some cad software and add a stand.

See this thread for electronics, I think this is definitely doable!


This would be a very useful part by Framework. Great idea to use your old screen as a secondary - portable monitor. And well aligned with Framework’s mission. :smiley:

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Thank you so much for the link to the adapter, I think that will be very useful. Do you know where to find the model for the top cover?

EDIT: I found some 2D drawings of the display (but not the top cover) here:

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