Framework account login unsuccessful on only some webpages

I have already logged in, as shown by the fact that i am posting this.

But when i go to another Framework webpage,

and try to add a Comment there,
and input the very same email address and same password, the error message is
‘Login Unsuccessful … Incorrect email or password’

Any suggestions?
Maybe that webpage has fewer permitted posters?
Maybe Framework maintains different accounts for one individual??

(I’m trying to post a Comment on such webpage that it seems to have a repeated, factual, important error.)

I already:

The same happens for me… Doesn’t look like Framework’s Community and Guides pages share the same log in credentials, so you need to create a new one when you go to Guides

That is correct. Our Forum and main site are using two different websites. Our Forum is run by Discourse. I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused you :orange_heart: