Framework AMD Thunderbolt 4 dock and Windows 11 Taskbar problem

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with Thunderbolt 4 docks and the Windows Taskbar since about the last week of December, on Windows 11? I don’t have any special taskbar modifications or third-party apps installed.

I have both a Dell WD22TB4, and a Lenovo DK2131 40B0 dock. When I started using both of them (purchased because my TB16 TB3 docks weren’t providing pass-through PD power even though the 2 monitors were working), they both worked pretty flawlessly for about a week or so until late December.

After doing Windows Update and/or AMD drivers update from AMD, now, every time I wake the computer from hibernate with the TB cable already plugged in (back left USB-C), when I mouse over any applications in the task bar, the window is shown for a split-second and then goes away. If I click on the application icon in the taskbar, it will show and keep the little window icons for open windows/documents in the application but if I click on one of the icons, the system does not bring that window to the front as the active window. I can still Alt-Tab between windows to switch applications, but the taskbar is useless. If I unplug the thunderbolt cable for a second, the screen goes black and all windows are re-arranged back to my built-in display, and then when I plug the thunderbolt cable back in, there’s a black screen as my two external monitors are recognized and all windows are brought back to their prior locations, and the taskbar works correctly until the next time I hibernate and wake the computer again.

I have tried removing the AMD December drivers, re-run latest Framework drivers pack, and reverted/uninstalled the December windows update that was installed in that time period and it hasn’t started working again. I’m currently using the Lenovo dock daily, but since it started happening while I was using the Dell dock and behavior persisted when I switched to the Lenovo, I wouldn’t expect it to have been fixed on the Dell now either.

Yesterday I received some new Windows Updates and after having completed the required reboots, I still had the issue this morning.

(my system details currently:

Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 23H2
Installed on ‎11/‎2/‎2023
OS build 22631.2715
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22677.1000.0

After just checking, it looks like I now have a January windows update that I haven’t installed yet:

So I will try that this evening and report back whether it fixes my wake from hibernate taskbar problem.

But it would be nice to hear if anyone else is having a similar problem.

In case anyone else experiences this problem, the past two days, the issue has disappeared. I’m not certain how/what fixed it, but when I wake from hibernation with my thunderbolt 4 dock plugged in, the taskbar icons and app switching seem to be working. I think I installed new windows updates and have since restarted the computer (and had multiple restarts in the past two months), but have not updated Framework or AMD drivers since the problem presented in December.

Just wanted to close the loop on this post (although frustrating that I don’t have a specific fix identified).