Framework changes payment method on short notice?

I ordered a 12th-gen-DIY-Laptop which is set to be delivered in the July batch.
As payment method I chose SEPA (a very popular method in Germany) and the deposit was payed without any problems.
Today I received a mail, telling me that SEPA is no longer accepted and I need to change payment method for my order to be fulfilled.
What is strange about this mail is, that its DKIM-signature is not from as all previous mails, but from So could this be a malicious mail?
To put it bluntly: : If this is not a faked mail I am really a bit annoyed. Unilateral changes to an existing contract on short notice are not what I expect from a reliable business partner!
Aside from this trying to change the payment method only offers me to enter a credit card number while the mail also offered me GiroPay (another popular method in Germany).
So is this a real mail and what can be done as I don’t have a credit card for that account.
PS: I also contacted Support on this topic!


Excellent, that is the first and most important step.

Regarding the change, I can tell you that it was done due to the insane amount of fraud attempts made using that payment method. I don’t think Framework intended for that to be the case, and yet it seems to be the sad reality of it. I’m sure support can explain it better than I can.

I can understand your concern, and hope the reasoning behind the change makes sense.

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I just did the same thing - ask support. I’d rather not use a credit card for this. Giro would be ok, but I don’t see the option when I try to add a new payment method.
The email seemed fishy to me as well, that is why I contated support in the first place… we’ll see what they say.
@L_K Have you gotten an answer yet?

Yes, I received a reply. They told me, that Giropay could only be used for immediate payments and not as a method to be saved in my account for future payments. Thus I would only get a further mail with a payment request if something went wrong with SEPA.
A short time after that I received another non-personal mail where they said the same.
So it is my understanding that those who are already on SEPA as payment method can continue to use it for their current order and are only required to change to something else if something goes wrong.

Thank you for the info!

Hi L_K,

Unfortunately that is not correct. We are no longer accepting SEPA Debit payments, even for existing orders that are awaiting final payment. It will be required for you to change your payment method if you have an outstanding pre-order where final payment has not been captured yet. When we try to capture payment on an order that previously used SEPA Debit for the deposit, the capture attempt will fail, you will receive an “Action Required” email with a “Complete Payment” link, and that link will allow you to change your payment method to one of our currently accepted payment methods. We recently added GiroPay and EPS.

A list of accepted payment methods are listed HERE.

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Thanks for the clarification!
So I will wait for the mail informing me of the failed SEPA-payment as I recently received the notificationy that my laptop is prepared for shipment. How long does this take your system to notice the (planned) failure and require me to change the payment method?
Forgive me sounding like a know-it-all, but I am unsure whether your German mails were translated by a machine or human beings. The German word „wenn“ translates to „if“ in English. But this can either mean „in case of“ or „as soon as“. To me your German texts sounded more like „in case of“, especially the one from last Saturday.
So your reply here was really important.

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Hi @L_K,

No problem at all and our apologies for any translation issues. It was translated by a real person, but they are with an external company, so they might not have understood the full context. Once we try to capture final payment, you will immediately receive the “Action Required” email that will provide a link for you to attempt payment with another valid payment method.

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