Can't order due to lack of payment options


I want to order a framework laptop but there’s not payment option for me.

I can pay via Paypal, Klarna or transfer money to a given bank account.

The payment options listed in the marketplace don’t work for me.


Try contacting officially, and explain how you want to pay. This is primarily a user forum.


Hi @amoun, thank you for your reply. I already did as you recommanded, but got the answer to ask in the forum. So I guess I’ll just wait and see if I get another reply from the support.

That doesn’t make sense. Surely they must know what the problem is rather than implying it is your failure to use what is available effectively ???

All you can do here is to explain exactly why you can’t, what you did, what you want in detail to see if someone can help you use one of the payment methods that are available.

It sounds like they are making a feature request, in which case it would be proper to post here. But at this time, Framework does not support PayPal, Klarna, or direct transfers. You need a credit or debit card, which is pretty standard for online purchases.



I got a new reply. Now they ask for details (which country, screenshot), so now we’ll get help. Thank you!


Ah, sounds like the first email was the automated responder then.