Help with payment option

Hi, i need help to find out how or if the payment option i have available works. I don’t have credit card, and since my bank Postbank says it has giropay, i was trying to use it, but when i choose the bank, no further option shows, which any other bank i get options, does it not work germany or is there something else i have to do?

This sounds like it’s something on your bank’s end. Nevertheless, I would reach out to Framework Support to see if they can help you sort it, as this is primarily a community user forum, not a support channel.

i have wrote to the bank and they answer with a standard text that says nothing to me, i have activated the giropay in my bank account, i also can enter in my profile in giropay web page and can see there is data from my bank, but since at the moment to pay i have not yet entered any information nieder from my bank or my giropay account, i wonder op it is disabled for germany or for my bank, but in the framework help says giropay is explicit for germeny there.

i wrote here first just in case someone has already experienced the same case i knows what to do or if it is not working
i will write to fw help support, thanks

Historically, as introduced by the original Postbank, giropay would just transfer you to the “normal” online banking of your bank when trying to pay for something. Some time later, paydirekt was introduced by some German banks, positioned a little more like paypal where you had to register separately (yet connected in the background with your usual banking account) and then login with your paydirekt username and password whenever you wanted to buy something.
Both services were merged later - first under the name paydirekt then again as giropay. Only a few banks (like the Postbank) still offered both ways of using this service, either directly via your online banking (that’s the only variant Framework’s payment processor offers) or via login with user credentials (which was heavily encouraged for whatever reason). With the recent take-over of the IT services of Postbank by Deutsche Bank, direct use of your “Postbank” online banking for giropay is no longer possible (and will probably never be reinstated again), you can only login with your (former) paydirekt account (which is not supported by, e.g., Stripe or other payment processors at the moment).

@pani_alex Hey ja bei Sparkasse hat es geklappt.

I know for my own bank, I had to specifically enable online shopping before giropay would work with my account. As is typical for banks in Germany, doing so required a monthly fee. I don’t know if this is for all banks, but for Volksbank at least it is.