Multiple payment methods?

Now framework only supports credit card, will it support multiple payment methods like Paypal, Alipay etc.?


We’re exploring some additional methods, but no specific timeline for that!

I’d seriously recommend you guys work on integrating something like Amazon payments or PayPal. It would be helpful to people to be able to take advantage of interest-free payment options to space out the burden.

In my case, I don’t need a new laptop, but I really WANT one of these things. They’re just too cool. :smiley:

So if I could sort of ease the burden by paying it off over time with no interest, it would be a no-brainer for me.


Given this a product of interest to IT enthusiasts, cryptocurrency payment would probably be a good option too.

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This probably wont make you happy, but this is totally in-line with their goals of reducing e-waste:

and why they don’t accept crypto-currencies.


When Framework opens up orders from Europe, I’d expect (or hope for) them to introduce at least one alternative payment option. Credit cards aren’t as ubiquitous here as they are in North America.

No worries.

Very shallow assessment of cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, but hey, each to their own.

I had silently hoped that they resolved this before they enter europe. Especially, since they even stated that local payment methods is something they need to look into before they can ship here:

A quick google search reveals that 11% of online mail orders in germany is done with credit cards, while debit cards and girocards reign supreme (61%). That is, if I understand the 2020 report of the Bundesbank correctly. (link)


I’m not sure what you mean.
Wouldn’t you just be able to use your debit card here? A lot of people use the names interchangeable and when they say they have a credit card they technically have a debit.

I have a debit card (tho during daily speak i catch myself calling it credit as that is the common name in Denmark for some reason) and i have never had any issues using it as card payment. Even if the site said “credit” card.


@Blisto we have another debit card system in Germany called “Giro” or “Maestro”. It’s very slowly getting replaced by “normal” debit Visa cards, but it’s still the major system and not compatible with standard credit/debit cards. Many banks still charge extra for a Visa card and thus especially youths/students or other people who don’t travel much typically have problems paying when only credit card payment is offered. Paypal is used a lot, as is “Bankeinzug” which is a method where you allow the company to draw the money directly from your bank account.


Roger. Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Yea PayPal would be nice. I was almost finished with my order before I realized I would need credit card for it. I don’t have one, because until now I did not need one. I also don’t like how credit cars work, because of that I would only order one for Framework and properly not used it for anything else.


Please provide Paypal as payment method for European countries - where it is widely used. Exclusively supporting credit cards for Europe you may limit yourself. That would be a real pity.

My order ist placed, thanks to mommy kindly lending me her card.
I am 48 and until now I never needed one.

Kind regards from Germany!


I absolutely agree with you!
In Europe credits Card are very rare, and I woud even be ok if I have to pay like 0,5% more if I could use PayPal!


Hello, I am also waiting for Paypal support.

I couldn’t help but notice that when on mobile there is a Google pay option, but not on desktop? (Maybe the devs missed a toggle?) Is Google pay now supported? What options are you planning to support through Google pay? Is there a bug in the desktop version of the site?


This is kind of sad to be honest. Payment via direct SEPA bank account was very convenient for me and it’s extremely unfortunate you removed this option. I don’t have a credit card like many people in Germany do, and Google Pay is too bugged to show me a virtual card number for any of the payment methods I have there. It also doesn’t auto-fill them anywhere and the help pages are useless so… hope you can get PayPal soon, which would also help in other regions.

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Definitely room for improvement.

Here (screenshot below) are the payment options available from David Jones (department store in Australia). Even it has more payment options than Framework’s site (intended to cover more than one country):

Kinda sad you just removed the ability to pay via SEPA on my pre-order.
I’m not sure how I can even pay then, since my debit card doesn’t allow that much in 1 payment.
What should I do?

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Reach out to Framework Support, they’ll sort it out for you.

Comparing options like this between companies is not fair. David Jones has been around since 1838!!! You don’t think that gives them more than enough time to get all their stuff sorted out? You do realize that the scale of the two companies is VASTLY different. This is like expecting a toddler to be able to keep up with a full grown athlete adult.

Furthermore fraud in the tech industry is something that is a genuine concern. When I tried to buy my first Thinkpad I had to jump through at least 10 different hoops. This was back in 2011. Do you think things have gotten better in that regard or worse? They’ve gotten much worse.

Also remember that things like Paypal, while convenient to the customer, cost the manufacturer more. There is a service fee, and it is higher than just the fee visa, mastercard, etc. charge. At scale, such fees can become more negligible. But Framework is not at that scale.

Reasonable expectations are important. Just because it is convenient to you, does not make it reasonable.