Framework Croatia availability

Is there any eta when framework will be available to the smaller EU countries?


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As a UK consumer ???

So what keyboard is used in Croatia, is that an issue maybe?

Thnx for the welcome.

Well the “official” keyboard layout would be slavic ISO.
I use ansi english layout when I can.

I could get someone to order a framework for me in germany, but I would like to buy it through my LLC.
It would be great if orders could be made even if keyboard layout is not available yet.

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Yes just tried Hungary and see it is not available.

Hopefully not only will some Framework people respond but respond with an eta ??? Hmm! may be a while :frowning:

Please indicate your interest on the locales page.

(From Bringing the Framework Laptop to more of the world).

Yeah, have done it some time ago.

I would guess my question would be when do you plan to have availability for small markets. Croatia has just under 4 mil people.

I can order stuff from germany or some other eu country with my tax id no problem.

I’m not sure about the size as Hungary is not supported and just in case you missed a ‘sign’ Fraoch is a community moderator so asking

isn’t quite ‘right’ as it has nothing to do with Fraoch :slight_smile:

I suppose you will just have to either wait or more likely get one from Germany as you indicated.

I suppose a direct ask to Framework may be more productive ??

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If I send an email directly to nobody else will be able to see the answer.

You can copy your email and their response here, just ensure you don’t include your email address.


Have you seen this topic/post

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Since Croatia has switched to euro for the currency and entered Schengen I don’t think there should be any issues for shipping the laptop to Croatia anymore.

I think only show stopper would be the Croatian keyboard layout but I guess most of the customers would be fine with English one in the meantime.

Are there any other showstoppers? It would be awesome if framework team would be more transparent on what are the issues that are preventing shipment.

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Please note that freight forwarding is still not supportes.

More to the point

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