Availability in the Czech Republic

Hey everyone,

I’m in a sort of desperate need of a new laptop, and I was looking forward to buying the Framework 13 - it’s pretty much perfect for me with its excellent Linux support, and because I have an eGPU I’d love to use with it. I was heartbroken to discover that my country (Czech Republic) is not supported and that it can’t be shipped here.

I understand the reasons behind it, even though it’s incredibly disappointing. Is there any hope of Czechia being supported in the near future? Two of our neighbouring countries already are, though they use €, which I imagine is easier to support than our own currency. Is it a stupidly naive idea to wait and I should just get a different laptop?

I’m also thinking of getting the laptop through some people I know in Germany or Austria, but I’m afraid of losing my warranty. If I obtain the laptop this way and there’s some issue, will Framework refuse to help me?

Thank you for your answers. I would mainly really appreciate to know if Czechia is amongst the countries that’s going to be supported soon-ish. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Framework community! Unfortunately, Framework has not yet officially launched in the Czech Republic. They kindly ask for your patience while they continue to expand their global footprint.

Because of how complicated the process is, and how easy it is for things to go wrong, they don’t typically announce anything until it’s locked in, so there is no ETA for you at this time. If you want to make sure they’re aware of the demand, select the Czech Republic in the region selector on their website, as that registers your interest and helps them prioritize where to expand next.

It is important to note that Framework does not support freight forwarding, and any orders that utilize freight forwarding or holding company addresses or have false billing information are subject to cancellation upon audit. Please keep in mind that any discussion of getting around these restrictions would not be permitted.

We all wish that Framework could be everywhere globally, but that is not possible at this time for a number of reasons which have been explained in previous posts. If and when Framework does expand to the Czech Republic in the future, I hope you’ll consider a purchase at that time.