Unofficial IRC/Matrix bridge

Context: in the conversation below, we diverged in the idea of hosting a Matrix/IRC bridge, to connect the current IRC channel (irc:// with the unofficial Matrix channel ( It started like this:

any progress on this? it would be great to have the #framework channel on libera bridged with the matrix channel…

Unfortunately not, currently, we do not have the bandwidth to add Matrix. Hopefully, one day, though! :smile:

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I did some research on this and it looks like a Matrix admin (currently needs to do a single command (!plumb) to connect (or “plumb”) the channels together. Then the IRC channel operator (@byteskeptical) needs to confirm the change.

So while I can’t do this myself (for lack of privileges), it seems simple enough for the community to handle…

While it may seem simple and is, we currently don’t have the bandwidth to support it on our end. Matrix is currently run by the community and put into unofficial community channels such as an unofficial Discord server. When we connect those bridges to our official community channels, we are expected to keep our eyes on it as it would be deemed “official”. With everything currently in the works here at Framework, we have to be very mindful of anything we take on, even if it only takes a few minutes a day, as it all adds up.

I don’t like saying no, of course. But we have spoken about this a few times as a team, and we just can’t support it now. We hope to do so in the future, however! :orange_heart:


okay well, I had everything ready to go here: i talked with the Matrix admin and I am reaching out to the operator of the #framework channel to formalize the bridge. It’s just a formality at this point…

But I guess if the Framework Team doesn’t want this to happen, we could cancel this. I am a little confused as to where the boundaries on “community” and “team” stand here, as from what I can tell, the community is made of people like you and me participating on a forum like this, and matrix, and discord, and, yes, IRC.

Are you saying that forum moderators must necessarily be part of the Framework Team? No judgment here, just trying to understand where we’re at…

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The Matrix bridge is only available on an unofficial Discord server, and if you were to set that up, that would be completely fine! However, we just don’t have a Matrix bridge in our official Discord and will likely not have one available for the foreseeable future, as mentioned previously.

“I am a little confused as to where the boundaries on “community” and “team” stand here, as from what I can tell, the community is made of people like you and me participating on a forum like this, and matrix, and discord, and, yes, IRC.” Anything that connects to our official platforms, such as our Discord, Reddit, and Forum, needs to have oversight by an employee or official moderators of Framework (even with moderators, they need to be overseen by an employee).

As for our moderators, they are not employees! They are just fantastic volunteers that we appreciate immensely :smile:


Aaaah, I get it now: I thought the Matrix bridge was bridging with an official Discord server. Well it’s too bad, but I guess we can recoup our losses.

Got it, that makes sense, I guess.

So, if I understand you right, the current Matrix rooms are unofficial, and bridged to an unofficial Discord server, and it would be fine to make another, unofficial, bridge between that unofficial Matrix room and the existing, unofficial, IRC room on the platform. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification! I’ll see what we can do. At this point, the main blocker is that the operator on the IRC channel seems asleep. But that’s something that can be fixed, with time and noise. :wink:

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Sorry that’s on me, I wasn’t getting notifications on the discussion here. I’m available if your still interested in unofficially connecting, unofficial channels through semi-official bridges.


we are! join me on IRC, i think @jfkimmes is just waiting on you to confirm the bridge at this point.

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a quick status update on the IRC/Matrix… we’ve actually tried many things now. there are basically two ways we can do this:

  1. there is already a bridge in place, actually, because is already accessible to Matrix users and bridges to the irc:// channel correctly. but no one has access to that bridge as Admin on the matrix side, and, according to Libera folks, no one can be granted access to this. this is also a limitation to the app service, see Bridge should promote IRC OP users as administrators on Matrix · Issue #1001 · matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc
  2. we tried to make a new bridge, by using an “integration” to create a new bridge between and the libera chat channel. that would work except there’s a hardcoded 100 users limit on the bridge that the Matrix channel is currently crossing. we need to ask Element support for a bypass on that, basically

Also note that the fact that the Matrix channel is bridged with Discord is not something that the people like. They actually said that it’s “either/or” so we can’t technically bridge both at the same time. That said, some other rooms (like are bridged to both, so maybe this could be bypassed.

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I have an update on this. I’ve launched a private matrix server and a matterbridge instance so we can hopefully finally bridge these services. I’ve reached out to @jfkimmes on matrix already to coordinate the connection on the matrix side.

@FrameworkBee This should also provide (hopefully) an acceptable method to integrate with the official discord. The idea being someone on the Framework side with Manage Server capabilities would provide the bot token giving Framework ultimate control over the connection without adding a seperate service to moderate[0].

[0] - Discord bot setup · 42wim/matterbridge Wiki · GitHub

While we appreciate the idea and effort into this, the bridge is not something we are able to enable or support at this time. As we scale, it is something we could possibly revisit, but for now, it won’t be possible.


So - there seems to be an IRC @ Libera chat servers that is bridged to Matrix which I joined.
If anyone using Matrix is interested.

FYI - I use matrix as I host my own server, and it is the best tool if you need to exchange data/chat between phone/tablet/laptop/whatever …

Is this matrix room still around? I had tried to join it but it says Im not invited, or is there an official matrix room with none of the extra bridges?

There is not. The only official community platforms are these forums, the r/framework subreddit, and the discord server ( As Twist said earlier in this thread, adding additional platforms is not on the table at this time.

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Well if/when there is an official matrix room, Im more than happy to play my part, is unofficial, or was it a plan thats been put away til another day?

It’s unofficial.

So let’s go to it :slight_smile: Even if unofficial, discord server well - too much spam coming in hence I dropped that crap.