(Matrix) Chat Community

Hi everybody,

if someone here is interested in a more realtime-y community experience, I’d like to invite you to join the Matrix chat room I just created:

If there is already something similar that I missed, please point me to it.

P.S. @Framework, I hope this is okay for you. If not, feel free to delete this post. If you’d like to get administrative access to the room just DM me.

Might I suggest a xmpp based Chatroom as well?

@2disbetter sure, the rooms could even be bridged. Maybe even with IRC added to the mix, too.

I’m not sure how bridges work or if they’re bi-directional, but if they are, you can bridge to the existing discord server (also unofficial).

@Banana oh nice, I didn’t know this exists. I don’t personally like to use Discord, so I don’t know much about it. Where/How do I find the admins of the ‘server’? Are you one?

Yes, I currently run the server.

@Banana Awesome! I think (I hope) I just sent you a friend request there. I’d be happy to discuss the technical details of bridging with you there :slight_smile:

@Quaephe8 Are you nananana? I got a request a few minutes ago but didn’t recognize it so thought it was spam.

Oops, yes. Sorry. :+1:

The Matrix and Discord Communities are now bridged :rocket:
Thanks @Banana!

For everyone who want’s to check out the Matrix side, join the new space.