Feedback & Suggestions

Hello Framework team,

I’d like to share some feedback and suggestions regarding the Framework laptop, a product that I genuinely admire for its unique modular and sustainable approach.

Brand Representation:

Given the innovative and flexible nature of Framework’s design, I believe that opting for a black color as primary would be a great fit for brand representation than the current white. Black is often associated with a sense of sophistication and cutting-edge technology, which resonates perfectly with the laptop’s philosophy. This goes for the website background as well with the current orange color suiting perfectly as the accent color.

Additionally, incorporating a slightly modern/tech font like Space Grotesk or Archivo could further enhance the overall brand representation.

Aesthetics and Modular Design:

Choosing a black color would not only represent the brand better but also address potential concerns about shadows between the frame and modular ports. This could result in a cleaner and more seamless look, aligning beautifully with the concept of modularity.

Safety and Clarity of Components:

While modularity is a standout feature, it’s important to clarify to what extent this can go. This can be shown better by interactive 3D like this Model Viewer for example.

This would also ensure users who care, that data-related components still require screws to remove, particularly SSDs. This gives them the assurance of secure data storage, a crucial factor, especially for corporate users who prioritize data integrity.

Laptop Configuration Clarity:

Lastly, to avoid any confusion, it might be helpful to provide clearer visuals for keyboard and power adapter options while configuring the laptop. Displaying images of the different layouts and adapter types would make it easier for users to make informed decisions.

They don’t use black chassis colours because the process to anodize most metals is very harmful to the environment. For “non-modular” storage, if Framework ever soldered SSDs to their boards I think 90% of the community would pack their bags and leave. Agree on the configuration point, it’d be nice for those options to be more reactive in the UI.


@Nich_Trimble I might have described the SSD part incorrectly. Updated now. What I meant is some clarification, ensuring that storage is non-modular which is currently what framework offers anyways. But this seems to be unclear by just looking at a small GIF on the home page.

I guess you’re considering the term modular like “snap-in”. A component can be modular, even if it is fixed by screws. A modular design can be proprietary (i.e. Fairphone), but the SSD’s used in Framework are standard ones being used everywhere.

Besides, I don’t get your point regarding secure storage. Is a storage safer, when it’s fixed by a screw? I’m not an IT expert, but AFAIK corporates would care far more about storage encryption rather than assembly scheme. It assumes that a storage is already in wrong hands and tries to make it unreadable.

Or have you meant it in another context?


@Little.3 What I meant is only some clarification.

Let’s say I’m totally new to the Framework concept, just saw what it offers via some source. I visit the website and checked the laptop configurator. But there is nowhere shown about to what extent modularity goes.

Now, battery, ram, and storage are most often upgraded parts of a laptop. So one can easily be misguided that SSDs are modular (or easily accessible) as well like their ports because isn’t that framework made for? Maybe SSD is in the Bay Shell? Where is it? See, there is a question.

For this, I have also mentioned that there could be some 3d interactive models on the website for better clarification of the laptop layout. Some motorcycle companies offer 3d configurator to see what each part looks like after installation, like different headlights or seats for example.

By ‘Secure’, I didn’t mean literally. The Pro version of Windows 10/11 offers Bitlocker which encrypts the drive with a recovery key, so this isn’t the issue as it’s an option in the configurator.