Adding the Ubuntu "Circle of Friends" inside the Frame logo on the laptop lid

Now that I’ve wrestled with most of the demons and have my Framework working just fine as a daily driver, I want to show off the fact that I am running Ubuntu. I would love to get a sticker in the middle of the Framework logo with the Ubuntu “Circle of Friends” logo, like this. Please forgive my lack of photo-editing skills. I also lack ‘cutting out a very precise and neat circle’ skills, and I haven’t had any luck finding a sticker that fits exactly (1" by my measurement). Any thoughts?


There are many sites that let you order custom-made stickers. Here are a few that offer 1" round labels:

Thanks, @RandomUser. I had looked at some other services, most of which required too small a minimum (as well as a bunch of people on Etsy who were obviously reselling ones they had made through those services). Avery and StickerYou both look a little better: I can get by under $25 and share my extra stickers here. Cheapskate that I am, I’m looking at a few other possibilities - a few crafters that I know use something called a cricut that would let me make a single label. I’ll try begging with them first :slight_smile:

It’s a pity they’re changing their logo xD

In all seriousness, I really like the old logo (the one you’d like on your Framework). But this is the danger with doing something like this (unless you’re like me and don’t really care if it’s an old logo xD). I also have strong attachment to their original logo since that brings back memories of when I was actually using it xD (Ubuntu was my first distro back in '08, though I later migrated to CrunchBang Linux and then Debian sid).

I had completely missed that about the new logo change. I really liked V1, but didn’t want something with that many different colors. I could learn to love the new logo (they seem to be hugging rather than at arms length…) but I would absolutely have to have it be round to fit inside the Frame logo!

anyone with a steadier hand than me able to measure the diameter of the inside of the gear?


awesome, thanks

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For what it’s worth, after @RandomUser’s suggestion, I printed some labels at Avery.

It cost me $20 US after shipping, which was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a single label, but I’ll be getting a sheet with 96 labels. As you can see from the proof sheet here, I’m getting the current “Circle of Friends” logo in Orange-on-white, white-on-orange, and black-on-white and (in what I hope doesn’t make Canonical upset), the new “circle of friends” coming soon, but without the rectangle (dotted lines and grey areas represent the die-cut and bleed limits) .

My plan is to share them with anyone here once they arrive (unless are crappy enough that I’m ashamed of my work). I figure I’ll just ask anyone who wants one to send me a stamped self-addressed envelope and maybe a note that says “thank you” until they are all gone. I can also share the Avery template for others who want to print some up.

P.S. 26.86 mm… that would be about 1.057 inches. Since these are cut to 1", they should be close enough for we primitives in the U.S.A. using outdated measurement systems.

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Just for you @russell, just for you.


P.S. I know it looks like it’s not quite lined up at the left in both photos, but it is - I just couldn’t take the photo straight-on or the display wouldn’t show properly.


I’m english so I can technically work in either system :wink:

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Canadian so ditto.

(remembering measuring steam production in a pulp mill in ‘kilopounds’)

I’m an old guy and as a child in the 1960s they promised us the U.S. would be going metric before I was an adult. And jetpacks, theypromised us jetpacks, too. :rage:

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not to cause an international diplomatic crisis, but in north west england we have paramedics that use jetpacks to reach patients…

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OK. Got my stickers. Can’t say I’m an expert at lining up the sticker, but I like the way this looks.


If anyone is interested in having one of these stickers to customize their Frame Laptop, please message me and I’ll send you my postal address. Let me know your first two choices (round part of new logo, orange circle, orange-on-clear, or black on clear), and send me a stamped self-addressed envelope and I’ll send you two (at no cost, of course).

If you would rather have the Avery template (I think you can print these at home with that) I can send that to you too.

Note that my attempts to take the circle part of the new logo is a tiny bit off-center. No doubt the mystical forces that protect Ubuntu are trying ti dissuade me from weakening the new brand identity.