Framework in Bulgaria

Thank you for the great work creating those amazing products.
Thank you for adding Bulgaria into country list.
Could you please tell us when shipping to Bulgaria will be available?


Welcome to the forum.

What list are you referring to?
I don’t see Bulgaria on the country shipping list.

Framework is not able to provide a timeline for when shipping will be available to a country. There are a few posts from mods as to why they are unable to give a timeline. Here is a good one [RESPONDED] Why doesn't Framework share their roadmap for countries? - #2 by Fraoch

Thanks for your replay
I have checked
and I am talking about

I forgot that some countries weren’t on the site’s country selector. When you click save on that page, an option should appear for Framework to email you when they know more.

Welcome to the Framework community! Framework kindly asks for your patience while they continue to expand their global footprint.

Because of how complicated the process is, and how easy it is for things to go wrong, they don’t typically announce anything until it’s finalized, so there is no estimate available for you at this time. If you want to make sure they’re aware of the demand, as MJ1 noted, select Bulgaria in the region selector on their website, as that registers your interest and helps them prioritize where to expand next.

It is important to note that Framework does not support freight forwarding, and any orders that utilize freight forwarding or holding company addresses or have false billing information are subject to cancellation upon audit. Please keep in mind that any discussion of getting around these restrictions would not be permitted on any official Framework community platform.

We all wish that Framework could be everywhere globally, but that is not possible at this time for a number of reasons which have been explained in previous posts. If and when Framework does expand to Bulgaria in the future, I hope you’ll consider a purchase at that time.