Shipping to Czech Republic (and other EU countries)?

I realize this might not ideal timing, but is there even a vague guess on when Framework Laptop will be shipping to Czech Republic?

My current ThinkPad is getting a bit too rusty (what, 8yo…?) so it’s time to think about the next one. Framework seems as such an ideal choice, but if it means waiting another year then I might need to push one more ThinkPad on the stack – but then chances are I won’t be getting new one until next 5years or so, read “eternity”. (Or having to get rid of the ThinkPad…)


Hi and welcome to the forum.

This is primarily a user forum, you may like to ask

I imagine they do not want to make any promises and any public disclosure i.e. on a forum would be some form of commitment and lead to possibly unfulfilled expectations.

People get upset that others don’t perform to their wants without any vague indications.

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Hello Dear Neighbour
I’ve been asking about shipping to Poland since launch without success. From my experience the chance is close to zero to get information before official announcement. However fingers crossed :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat, the announcement of the 16 inch has made it really tempting, especially with the numpad options, but there’s no shipping to Poland either, which leaves me with the option to buy a Thinkpad P1 but then no upgrading for another 5+ years.

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@amoun Yes, I understand the topic is forbidden in this forum. That’s why I wrote another thing. Anyway, I deleted the part from my comment above. Could you please delete the part from your comment too?

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Framework asked people for their localized keyboard layouts below on this forum before they support the countries. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic is even not reached out to this step.

As Framework considers the number of people on the waitlist to decide what countries they support, you can advocate your friends in the Czech Republic for them to register their email on the page -


@junaruga Thanks for the link and suggestion, I’ve added my e-mail there.

Seems like that’s the best we can do now.


I just found a Framework Laptop 16’s article in a Czech media as a coincidence. I am not sure if it is a popular media or not. But I hope people in the Czech Republic get to know Framework Laptop.

I’m in the same boat and will have to go with another brand unfortunately. I don’t understand why I can order anything internationally these days but somehow Framework cannot figure it out. I don’t care about localization, I literally want what’s most likely the most common US configuration. They are leaving so much money on the table…

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That’s not what is being said, you can order but you will get no official support if you circumvent their authority.

Try buying a Fairphone a EU business outside their remit it’s the same, I could find thousands of items that are not available internationally, you have just come across one of them.

As for leaving money on the table I’m sure that is not the case or at least not for the taking.

Taking money for a product or service requires regulations , ones that are clearly to costly at this time for Framework to invest in. I’m sure if they could make a profit they would sell to anyone within reason and I’m sure they are thinking about how they can get their hands on yours and other money.

Have you seen the Shift 13"

Modular design concept! Quickly interchangeable: battery and SSDs. Better repairability.

This is incorrect. You may not order from an unsupported country. Doing so violates the Terms of Sale. If your attempt to place such an order, it will likely be blocked or cancelled and your card will be blacklisted. Do not attempt to circumvent these restrictions.

I wasn’t suggesting there is an attempt to circumvent, but pointing out should they find a way they are on their own regarding direct official support.

I mean it is possible to order from a non supported country…

Maybe I wasn’t clear by saying Freight forwarding is not only outside of support but a banned discussion, hence the sloppy “you can order” without going into details to specifically lay a path to do so.

I do feel it’s difficult being open when some people are devious whilst others are very restrained. I don’t want to feed the devious but I don’t want to be restrained by other fears.


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No, it’s not. This has been explained many times.

Framework spend a lot of time and effort into stopping this so they don’t get into trouble with customs authorities.

They would like to sell into every country but it’s not possible at the moment. They’re quite aware that more countries = more sales but there are significant costs involved for getting into many countries. As an American entity with no presence in the EU the entire economic area is not handed to them, they must apply country-by-country.

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Maybe we can create a sticky (Like “Shipping to more countries and expanding globally”) and close tickets that keep discussing this topic over and over?

I feel like we’ve discussed this long enough and the official statement should already be known,- if not that’s what the sticky is for.

Or maybe this is a bit too drastic? I just feel like we’re running in circles whenever these threads pop up and it’s not really helpful for either the poster nor the community.

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Good point. The post listed above is that very sticky (pinned post):

The question posed in this thread has been answered and there is no more information so this thread will be closed.

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