Framework laptop doesn't turn on

my 11th gen framework laptop suddenly powered off while i was using it. When i tried turning it on again the power button light turned on for a few seconds and then turned off again. Afterwards the side LED’s started blinking. according to the led code chart number 4(CPU deassert sleep s4) 9(fan detected and spins up) 10(CPU reached S0 state) were red. After a bit of googling i found that fully resetting the mainboard state by fully cycling power to it could fix it. After i did this my laptop started working again but i wanted to know if anyone could tell me what caused this problem in the first place so that i can prevent it?

i am currently using windows 11 home
OS build 22621.2134 version 22H2

H @zaysea123, welcome to the community!

Sharing this again as you may have missed this when creating the post.

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i have just added that information to the post

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