Computer won't boot up after shutting down on its own

11th gen Framework on Windows 11 .

I love this laptop, but today at work I was out of my office for a bit and came back to my laptop off (it was plugged in).

Thought it was odd but just went ahead and hit the power button. Now it won’t turn on and I get the following blink code that I’m having trouble decoding. Any help would be appreciated.

I really need to get this up and running for work next week :stuck_out_tongue:

First great job recording the led code that you are getting.

Use this guide to decipher the thing being said.

However, what I recommend you do is this:

Fully reset the board to just rule everything out.

I can’t say why this happened, but if you can reset it and things work that is great. If this happens again I would get with support.

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That seems to of solved the problem for now. I contacted support for a new cmos battery and hopefully thats the end of the issue.

I’ll never own a laptop other then a Framework for this very reason. Just wish the AMD boards would come out.