Framework Laptop Prototyping OnShape

So I am starting this thread because I began working on an idea, a dock for the Framework laptop. Currently I have a crude prototype with basic shapes. Since the official CAD file for the chassis is not released I will be using one that I made through measuring the dimensions myself. Now you might wonder this is not helpful at all, you are not wrong. I spent most of my initial efforts into “reverse engineering” the STL file provided by Framework for the expansion cards.

Basically if you don’t about my hobby project on the dock and just want a version of the expansion card that you can work with on OnShape (it does not support STL editting) then you can just use mine

Update: @Sean_N posted a very cool idea so I am going to try and implement their design in the dock as an optional print. Please tell me if you don’t want me to include it in the final design later since its your design.