Future form factors concepts

One of the things I’ve noticed people mention here and across other sites is the thing they wished they would’ve seen on the Framework Laptop that is not present. Personally, I think it’s the right size and design for an everyday laptop, or even capable of doing a bit more than just the standard tasks.

With that being said, I came up with some rough concept art to showcase how a future optional form factor could be added to showcase how this laptop can be upgraded.

I tried to maintain the same placement of things from the current laptop, while making some additions.

A 16in Body would be a neat upgrade for people that wanted to do more art-oriented/multimedia work.

Along with a larger screen and a 16:9 resolution, I thought it could also be thicker to be able to fit a much larger battery and/or a more powerful fan/heatsink to help battery life/performance.

Additionally, and in future motherboards, the right side could be used as an Expansion Bay. Unlike the Expansion cards, the Bays could fit entire modules to expand the capabilities of the laptop like a DVD burner, a more robust HUB with many ports, or a dedicated GPU (as shown in the illustration above)

I do know the future is still far away, and the current focus is the launch of the first (and hopefully not last) Framework Laptop. If any of yall would like ideas for larger body expansions, feel free to snag this idea and use it :slight_smile:


This is great, thanks for mocking up!

If you don’t want to go the expansion bay route, maybe there’s a way to use the extra form factor to go up to six+ expansion cards instead of four? That’s something I’d pay money for.

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Flying with a battery larger than 100Wh is a no-go. Regulations. I can totally live with 100Wh…

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This is a great idea. I love the bigger screen and larger battery. When I travel I can’t attach extra screens, so having a larger battery and screen is a real convenience.

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Awesome concepts!

By the way, maybe you could assist me in sketching the following idea I posted on another thread? :thinking: I think it would be easier to comprehend once visualized properly :slight_smile:

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