Framework Monitors and Keyboard

I have multiple questions:

  1. I know Framework support 2k monitor and 13 inch monitor. Is framework want to support other monitor size (13 inch, 15 inch etc) and other resolutions like 3840x2160?
  2. the other well-known laptop manufacturer want to implement mechanical keyboard in their lineup. Is Framework want to implement mechanical keyboard as well?

Hi @David_Tan! The Framework Laptop is locked in at 13.5" with 2256x1504 resolution, which we’ve found to deliver great pixel density without hitting battery life too heavily. We’re not sharing our plans for any future products yet, but we know that folks have different needs around screen sizes.

We’ve built in a great keyboard in the Framework Laptop. You can read more about it here: Framework | Framework Laptop Keyboard

Since this is a thin, 15.85mm laptop, it’s not possible to fit a mechanical keyboard in. However, we did build in 1.5mm key travel and good tactile feel.


well, dell will release the laptop with mechanical keyboard this year (Cherry gets serious about laptop keyboards, will debut its ultra-thin mechanical keys on the Dell Alienware m15 and m17 R4 this April - News) and (Alienware Reveals Gaming Laptop With a Mechanical Keyboard - IGN). So, I hope framework can compete as well.

Yes, it looks like a super cool solution! The m15 however is a 19.9mm thick notebook, which is definitely within a normal range for a high-power gaming notebook. For the Framework Laptop, we prioritized a balance between portability and power.


@David_Tan Dude, it’s a totally different product category.

Mechanical keyboards aren’t a thing in other thin-and-light laptops of other manufacturers such as dell.


well, for normal office use or programming especially if you like typing for long term mechanical keyboard is feeling better rather than the normal one. Besides, this upcoming laptop from dell is quite thin and easy to carry. So, I hope framework can consider it as well

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This gives me an idea for a mechanical keyboard with all the internals + battery inside, just connect to an external monitor. 1 usb-cable for power + display. the mechanical keyboard on top, 2nd layer mainboard, bottom layer battery.


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