Framework provided RAM specs - rank

I chose the 2x 16GB ram with my DIY edition.

I only see basic specs for this ram.

What is the model of ram so I can find more specs?

Is this ram dual or single rank? In some other threads people have discussed the benefits of dual rank ram.
A 2x 16GB set of dual rank ram is about the same price as the included ram in my framework diy kit so I’d like to figure out if I made the right choice before it ships.

These are the compatitble RAM kits

Given that you chose a 32GB kit, I think it’s likely that the kit will be dual rank

Am checking each of the kits now but the Kingston at least I’ve confirmed is dual rank and I know of at least one crucial Kit that is dual rank even tho it is not on that list

Samsung will be dual rank as well and Micron owns crucial so those kits will be the same

Didn’t quickly find spec sheets on the SK Hynix kits so won’t speak to them but odds are good it’ll be dual rank

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I was also very curious about this. Hoping for dual rank. I went with the 16GB kit. Not much for specs on Crucial’s or Framework’s site other than the basic kit specs.

Not sure if this helps but here is the list of RAM was has been tested by Framework.

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I have seen the list and it is a bit helpful. Based on pricing it does seem like Framework has the more expensive dual rank memory which is nice. I considered buying some memory off Amazon last night but I think I’m just going to go with what Framework has since its tested. Hopefully XMP support is available sometime in the future for even faster speeds.

It won’t-XMP is considered overclocking and these CPUs are locked SKUs, there will be no XMP support forthcoming

The official Framework list doesn’t the RAM ranked by power efficiency. Has the community tested these RAM combinations and determined a best brand/combination?

That’s because the efficiency difference should be negligible

Smaller capacity will use less power but since they all run at the same timing and clocks, the difference between the same capacity should be minimal