Framework "recovery kit"


So this here is where some of the coolest “cyberdecks” have ever been made. This community is amazing.

So what do you think of the recovery kit? I must say this is a really nice setup: waterproof, radio-proof, sturdy raspi mod with included keyboard, small display, I/O ports, and a built-in switch, with a retro design.

I can’t help but think that, surely, we can fit a Framework board inside a pelican case, dang it. Lining it with metal is sugar on top of course (and anyway, it seems that neither the original or the v2 kit is actually shielded), so really, this is just a FW board inside a case.

But really, that’s under selling it. What i’m thinking of here is some device a bit like one of those Framework tablet or all-in-one mods, but built inside a Pelican case. In my mind, it would have:

  • 4-port gigabit switch (third-party, with USB-C to barrel connector adapter)
  • 2.5gige card (we have that)
  • framework battery pack (twice as much power as the Sharge! but of course, the Framework board can suck out much more power than a raspi, except that when idle, well tuned, it could be comparable)
  • third-party, smaller display (OLED + touch screen anyone?), or the actual framework display if it fits
  • real, detachable USB keyboard (i bet we could fit a ten-key-less in there, heck it looks like the tex might fit)
  • whatever custom extra you want

In my case, I’d add a 3.5" drive enclosure with a couple of fat drives. This would act as both an emergency workstation/media server but also web server/router with basically all my stuff in it. So a pair of display-port sockets, USB-C ports, and I’d also hook up a SDR in there…


What I like about the pelican case idea is that it’s really easy to prototype stuff because of the foam… but I’m not really a hardware hacker that much, so maybe that’s misplaced optimism…

I think that, based on the cooler master (which could be used for prototyping too) specs, I need 297mm + whatever USB things I put in there, so we’re looking at about 13 (330mm?) of internal clearance. Something like this V200C Vault case could take a board with extras, as it’s got 356mm internal clearance… Or the iM2275 Storm case

What do you think, Framework hackers? It seems like I’m not the first to have that idea anyway


Sounds doable, go for it