Frameworks Spotted In The Wild

I was in my uni’s library the other day, studying for midterms :grimacing:, when a random guy recognized my Framework and walked over to ask about it. We ended up chatting for a few minutes as I gave my first impressions and such; all positive thus far by the way.

It was just a cool, memorable, if minor, part of my day and I’m wondering if anyone else has similar stories to share


I know it’s impossible, but something like that would be really cool happening at one of these Repair Day events on October 16th somewhere in Holland.


I’m assuming this is Holland: the country in Europe, and not Holland: the small city in Michigan.

Yes I live in a town called Holland.

Yes it is extremely Dutch.


I didn’t know these were even a thing, but that’s awesome! Also, sounds like the exact crowed that’d love to pick someone’s brain about their Framework

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In lieu of seeing other Framework owners in the wild, I’ll be posting my own “adventures” to Instagram (and tagging @frameworkcomputer) for now.



:joy: Glassware on the right says “lab? maybe?”

Glassware on the left says “bar”!


Coffee shop in Frederick, MD. :grin:


My Framework is my personal laptop. It won’t make it out into the wild much. I have a corporate laptop, that’s what I travel with. If something happens to it I won’t cry all that much and get a newer, faster replacement. It won’t be a Framework though, $1000 CAD budget for a replacement.

If something were to happen to my Framework I would be very, very sad. :sob: And work wouldn’t cover it…


@Fraoch Maybe you can get your work to cover a Framework replacement one component at a time, just piecemeal it together :joy:

For real though, gotta protect those personal devices. After someone knocked my laptop off the desk back in first year, shattering the screen, I haven’t trusted using anything larger than a phone in lecture


The way students leave their laptops in the library while they go in search of coffee or snacks makes me cringe…things go missing all the time! I guess they just don’t care for their Macbooks in the same way as we covet our framworks :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve done this, but only at the community college where there’s always a place to work within lunging distance of the checkout counter.

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Not quite on topic for this thread, but I had an interaction where someone was curious about my framework in a university class/lab setting. They were not familiar, and at that point I had only had my framework for about a week. I pointed them to the website and hit on the repairability/ upgrade points and how I like the keyboard. There is interest out there!

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I too live in a town called Holland. Except in Ohio and it’s not very Dutch.

I had a peer ask how I got one so fast. They recognized it on sight.


Do not think anyone in Australia will see mine.

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Mine has not left the house since receiving it in August. :wink:


A deer was staring in my home office window yesterday, kind of nose to logo with the framework lid. Does that count as “in the wild”? :slight_smile:


Stealing this off the framework-discussion Discord channel, this was spotted on the NASA James Webb Space Telescope live stream feed:


(credit goes to Discord user Avendor!)

NASA scientist or reporter? :thinking:


If I’m not mistaken, that’s Dr. Karl Gordon:

Timestamped link to the above screenshot.

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You could spot mine at the Dublin airport right now!
I have never seen another one in the wild… I need to keep traveling,

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