ChromeOS on Framework 13 11th DIY?

I have the 11th Gen DIY I7 Framework laptop. Will I be able to install ChromeOS on it or will I need to upgrade to the Framework ChromeOS mainboard? If so, what other hardware will I need and will it just be better to buy the Chromebook version instead of upgrading myself?

You can install ChromeOS Flex on the board. Otherwise you could swap out parts if you wanted.

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Better to just install ChromeOS Flex so that you have the option of going back to Windows/Linux should you choose instead of being tied down to ChromeOS.

unless you need any of the features that you would get from the titan security chip, which is only available on the chromeos mainboard.

When I looked a few months ago, you don’t get Android app compatibility with ChromeOS Flex either.

Brunch works well: GitHub - sebanc/brunch: Boot ChromeOS on x86_64 PC - supports Intel CPU/GPU from 4th Gen (Haswell) or AMD Ryzen

Thanks all.
Yeah, I noticed that the Andriod apps are not available on ChromeOS Flex, which I think makes ChromeOS worth looking at, since a lot of programs are going to web apps (PWA) nowadays. Anyways, Knowing this, I think I am going to try ChromeOS Flex and see what I can and can not do with ChromeOS without the Andriod Apps. And from there, either go back to Windows or Linux or upgrade to the ChromeOS mainboard so I can use the Android apps.

You can run android apps if you install chromeos via Brunch.

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