Installing ChromeOS on 13 DIY

Hello everybody,

I am planning to purchase the Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) without any pre-installed OS. My intention is to install ChromeOS on it. Is this a feasible task? Could you kindly provide any advice or instructions on how to accomplish this?

Thank you very much.

ChromeOS Flex worked on intel 13" (I tried for fun) but since there is a Chrome based 13" sold I was not surprised… I have never tried on a Ryzen version though.

sure, see my post ChromeOS on Framework 13 11th DIY? - #9 by ajb

you can install Fedora 39 or Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and run my script, you could also install ChromeOS only. But I would think about that (see