FW 13 AMD 7840U Running Hot During Sleep / Stuck In Sleep (Fedora 39 - latest kernal)

In a nutshell, it would seem that the stuck in sleep state and causing significant temperature increases while in sleep is continuing to persist, even on the latest kernal with Fedora 39 and even if I’m running Windows. Here is a link to a reply I just posted today ( [RESPONDED] AMD 7040 Linux - Boiling hot, stuck in sleep(?) - #19 by pyguydev ), but didn’t see the thread refresh to the front page so I started a new one. Not sure what’s going on here. I’ve run the .py script other posts have suggested and everything looks normal. Not sure why I can’t wake from sleep and or what is generating so much heat. I’m up for any suggestions anyone may have.

Check all the cards match framework suggestions m type A cards especially.

If they all match run the script for a longer time like 10 minutes and post your script output to a gist.

Not sure if this is what you meant…but I ran the script once again…set it to run 5 cycles at 20 seconds per cycle. Didn’t go beyond cycle#1 (See screenshot)…I even set a timer on my phone to see what the temp felt like by touch and after 16 minutes or so, it was piping hot so I forced shutdown.

Here’s the link to the log:

I hope this helps…if there is something else I’m missing…I’d gladly accept some direction.

Have you messed with any tools like smokeless? If so can you please reset BIOS default settings?

Also can you please check for an nvme firmware upgrade?

Did you try to turn on an nvme password? If so please disable it.

No to 1 and 3…I’ll try 2 and see if there is an upgrade and I’ll see if that fixes it.

So I was able to upgrade the nvme firmware and I ran the script/test again only for it to result in the same behavior…run’s one cycle and becomes stuck in the sleep state / gaining in temp and only able to force shutdown with the power button. Once I turn it back on…fan kicks in immediately to cool.

Can you try reset BIOS default settings anyways? Even if you didn’t change anything there are some hidden settings that would be reset to the defaults in case of some weird BIOS upgrade bug or so.

And maybe to rule out a faulty card or peripheral, try no cards plugged in, webcam and mic privacy switches off.

BIOS setting reset…only one I changed back was setting my battery charge to 80% for battery preservation…pretty sure that setting isn’t relevant to this issue. And I’ll do as you say and take all expansion cards out. Webcam and micro are already off.

No dice

I think it’s time to contact support, I wonder if you’ve got some faulty hardware.

I reached out to support last night. Thank you for your help!

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Watching this thread – I started encountering the same issue recently after it working fine for 6 months. Smells like a software issue somewhere.

I’m running Debian testing.

I’m at a loss…the fact that I can’t wake from sleep is one issue. That doesn’t bother me all that much although it’s not normal behavior. The issue I’m concerned with is that it gets stuck in that state and something is drawing power hence the temperature issues and the fact that the sensors for the fan become disabled…that’s more worrisome. Could be something in the firmware but I’m not entirely sure…it’s rather beyond my scope of knowledge.