[RESPONDED] AMD 7040 Linux - Boiling hot, stuck in sleep(?)

Yesterday, I came back to my laptop absolutely boiling hot, too hot to touch. It was plugged in on a desk, fully charged. When I opened it, the LED blinking indicated sleep mode, but it did not wake on its own. I forcefully powered off by holding the button, then powered back on, and it booted normally with the fan blasting until things came down to temp.

I don’t really have any reproduction steps, but after looking at other forum posts, I suspect I may have plugged it in after putting it to sleep - which is a known issue currently with the 7040 series. It seemed to stay in a half sleep/half running state, such that the fan did not turn on.

I’m more or less just starting to document this in case other people experience it. If it happens again then I might be able to produce more specific reproduction steps. I’m not going to purposefully try to reproduce this (for risk of hardware damage).

Once I got into my OS I saw my SSD reading temperatures > 60°C - I’m sure it was higher before, since that was after the fan was running for at least a minute or so. Didn’t catch CPU temperatures until they got into reasonable ranges (~55-60).

  • Arch Linux, kernel 6.6.1-arch1-1
  • R5 7640U

Can almost guarantee this is the issue. I would never run a kernel on my daily before the 5th release. Try the lts or a kernel that is not on the first release revision. The other potential issue is an incorrectly configured sleep. Are you using LUKS encryption and have you made the necessary modification to allow for sleep?

I’ve ran Arch linux as my main OS for years - rarely an issue. Especially on 7040 series, Framework themselves are pushing to run the newest kernels we possibly can. (Though that’s on Ubuntu/Fedora).

However, I am running LUKS encryption. I’ll double check and make sure I made that necessary change.

Its worth noting I’ve been using the laptop just fine for ~ 2 weeks now, sleep and all. This is the first time this specific thing has occurred. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s the bug regarding plugging in a charger after already in sleep. I don’t think I’ve done that before last night.

I just want to reiterate I’m not particularly concerned about it right now, I just wanted to document in case other people are looking/searching.

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Sounds like you’re already aware, but you likely hit this:

Currently, if you close the lid (to suspend the system) and plug in AC, the system will re-wake despite the lid still being closed.

Fingers crossed this will be addressed in a firmware update, but in the meantime there’s a workaround (for Linux users):

Remove the first line to preserve wake on open.

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First thing to note for others reading this (not OP, you are aware, this is for other readers):

That said, I’d see about adding this in GRUB:


You can run this script to dig into things a bit deeper.

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I’ll try setting that kernel parameter (as well as the second udev rule above) and report back if it happens again.

Thanks for offering some help even for ‘unsupported’ distros. :slight_smile:

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Happy to help! With a team of 2 people for Linux support, we do what we can. But we are focused on select distros due people power, time and a variety of other factors.

Appreciate the update.