Fw 13 randomly restarting

fw 13 ryzen 784ou / win11 pro
after trying to play fallout 4, within 20 min i got a bluescreen so i stopped playing but continued getting frequent blue screens (different error codes each time) decided to do a clean reinstall of windows 11 pro then tried to give fallout another shot. even with the graphics turned down the bluescreen happened again around the same time. im not getting frequent blue screens but it will just restart randomly. Ive uninstalled fallout but the problem keeps happening. (yes, i do have the newest driver/BIOs downloaded). i realize this isnt a gaming laptop but i have 32G of RAM and chose the ryzen 7 because i was told it could handle casual gaming.

What specific model of RAM are you using? You should also run a memtest86 to see if there are any issues with your RAM. If there aren’t, it’s possible you may need the latest Adrenalin version directly from AMD.