FW 13 Ryzen 7840U max battery, no fan

I went for changes that I personally dont feel using the notebook for streaming, websurfing, working with office. Also I wanted the fan to stay off permanently.

  • Change resolution to 1920 x 1280 with CRU: Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) (Scaling 175 %)
  • Change Framerate to 48 Hz in Windows Settings (I see no difference)
  • Change Windows settings: Battery saving mode always on
  • Download latest AMD Drivers and activate “HYPR-RX Eco” (I dont know why, but doin this made a difference you could see in the wattage use in perfomance metrics

I still cant get the iGPU to use less than 5 Wattage (even changing the resolution to 800x600 made no difference). No idea what kind of witchcraft is necessary to achieve that but iGPU and CPU-Power-Consumption add up to 6,5 when idle, around 10 watts with Thunderbird, Firefox (multiple tabs) and video playing which is my daily use scenario.

If someone manages better numbers pls. let me know!