FW13 AMD 7840u + thunderbolt 3 dock (Dell TB16) issues

Here you go. Strange that it also shows 2 DP adaptors per Host Router as I also understand there is only one DP stream per port. Perhaps it is showing that there are 2 channels that can be tunnelled?

Thank you.
Mhh, this is strange, I really would have expected this to show only one.

Now I am unsure about my conclusion.
This would require further testing with an actual TB dock, if it can actually supply 2 connections or how it errors out when it refuses to make the 2nd connection.

I could only test this myself with a borrowed HP EliteBook with 6000 AMD CPU. But the Windows 11 version back then was too old to have this USB4 panel, so I only relied upon on the 2nd DP connection not working, while the rest worked.

Sadly, as I understand it, AMD is using 1 port per router unlike Intel. So we have no other way of confirming. We cannot simply attach a monitor via DP/alt mode directly and watch it mark one DP in Adapter as unavailable but still have one left for the 2nd port. We simply need to see it establish 2 DP tunnels to confirm the notebook I tested this on was somehow bugged or AMD 7000 got an upgrade in USB4 functionality without anybody mentioning it…

Ps. If you are interested in helping investigate this further and have some form of TB or USB4 dock/hub we can also move this over to the TB/USB4 background thread…

Just to point out I’m having the same issue on the Framework 16 with this same dock. If it charges, then no connected devices work. If connected devices work, it does not charge.

Additionally, seems like the displayport over usb-c port at the back doesn’t work either.

All working fine on my old laptop (XPS 9560).