TB16 Dell Dock on Framework 16, but on linux

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I was looking around and tried a crap ton of solutions to get the TB16 to work on my framework 16. I am experiencing the same issues, one side it charges, the other it connects only 2 displays (no mini DP). I was looking through dsmsg and my journal, even using the bolt package for arch Linux. Not only that, but I found that everything was being recognized, and authorized, but there were errors with attaching the usb controller.

I was authorized this for work, so I am trying to make it work, but having no luck. Anyone out there with any advice?

TB16 uses Alpine Ridge, whereas most newer (and more tested) TBT3 docks use Titan Ridge.

You can start with thunderbolt.dyndbg=+p on kernel command line and then see what the kernel log shows while it enumerates. Maybe there are some hints at where the problem is, but it would certainly be a kernel driver change to improve things.

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Here is the logs from the dmesg:

Many instances of errors with DP out which is probably why 2 out of 3 of the displays are only working. However, maybe im missing it, im not seeing anything about errors with the usb side of things.

It seems to me it only negotiated 20 GB/s. So you’re going to be limited in the bandwidth.

You can see the host supports more than the dock:

[ 70.420263] thunderbolt 0000:c3:00.5: 0:6 ↔ 302:8 (DP): DP IN maximum supported bandwidth 8100 Mb/s x4 = 25920 Mb/s
[ 70.420267] thunderbolt 0000:c3:00.5: 0:6 ↔ 302:8 (DP): DP OUT maximum supported bandwidth 5400 Mb/s x4 = 17280 Mb/s