FW13 AMD sometimes struggling to boot

Hey there! I have a FW13 AMD Ryzen 7840U with 1x16 gb of FW branded RAM.

When I first booted the laptop nothing happened, no Framework logo came up, and the status LEDs on the side of the laptop started to blink. After a while I shut the laptop down and booted again into the BIOS (by pressing F2). This boot succeeded and I was able to boot Fedora 39. It runs fine, no issues or freezing.

My problem: Sometimes when I boot the laptop by pressing the power button, the power button lights up for some seconds before it turns off. Nothing happens on the screen. Then, immediately after this, the power button lights up again and the laptop boots normally.
This happens only sometimes, and sometimes the laptop tries to boot even twice before succeeding. Until now, the laptop always booted in the end.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? What can I do about this? I do not get any output except this behaviour.
Support suggested switching the RAM slot, but that did not help.

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Yes, experiencing the exact same behavior last couple of days. FW13 AMD Ryzen 7640, 1 x 8GB in slot 0.

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Have you noticed any other strange behaviour?
My right speaker makes popping sounds when booting Fedora 39 OS (maybe a software bug? but why only the right one?)
Also, Fedora does not display information about the battery model/serial number - just unknown battery
I do not think that those are related to the general problem of the booting but who knows

Is this a cold boot? Sleep? Hibernate?

Cold boot

The laptop is otherwise perfect. I use KDE Neon btw and it doesn’t show battery info either.

Yes, cold boot. Sometimes (only on AC) the laptop won’t boot at all and I have to power down by pressing the power button more than 5 seconds.
There is a LED sequence but I haven’t been able to catch it yet.

I will contact support about this, I hope they will help me fix it or find a solution.

I would recommend taking a video of every boot and you will maybe get the sequence. There is somewhere in the forum a guide for the POST LED sequence. You can contact support about that too.

Yeah, I thought about that, making a video. And Thanks for the tip.

Yes, I have noticed this too.
Mainly if I leave the laptop sleeping for a few days and the battery drains to 0.
When I put it to charge (on my type C monitor) the status light on the side that the charger is plugged in turns amber as expected.

If I try to boot it after half an hour of charging, the power button lights up, but the status light remains amber (I have not noticed any blinking).
When I power it down (hold power button till the light on the power button goes off) and then power it back on, after ~10 seconds I see the framework logo and am able to boot.

I’d love to know if any of you have a solution/workaround for this.
I’m currently on Fedora 39 - KDE spin.

After the Fedora 40 update and the BIOS update I can see battery information and using external monitors is now possible without white flickering.
I’m closing the topic