AMD Framework 13 strange power problem


I have a reproducable problem with my new Framework AMD 13. I always power down my laptop completly. I share a hub with power delivery with my Dell work PC, so I work during the day on my Dell, turn it off and plugin the hub cable to my Framework, then power it on, or at least try to. It will not work at the first time, after a while I get color blink code:

white, 12 x green, orange, blue, 7 x green.

After that I shut the framework down by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Now, I press the power button again and the Framework boots instantly.

The same happens, when I shutdown the Framework completly, unplug the hub. The Framework has now no power plugged in. I turn on the Framework and the same blink code appears. I shut it off, still unplugged, hit the power button again and it boots flawlessly. This is repeatable, each time I plug in or unplug power, the very next boot will fail and the next boot will succeed.

The failing blue light is Post-Code-Bit 0 and refers to power somehow.

This is also reproducable with an Anker power plug or Dell power plug, so it is not a hub issue.

Anyone else with the same problem or a solution?

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I’ve been having this exact same problem with my DIY AMD 13. I’ve never been able to get it to boot on first attempt. I usually have to at least get it to go through the post sequence (the exact same sequence you mentioned) and try again. It will most of the time boot properly after that. But there have been times where I have to try a lot more.

So far I haven’t found a solution to this issue. So I’m not sure what else I can do besides waiting for the post sequence to finish and try again. I’ve been resorting to leaving it in sleep mode for now when I know I’m going to use it again soon.

At least, someone else with the same problem. Thank you reporting it. Would you please also open a support ticket? I already did, unfortunatly I did not got a response back yet.

I’ve made a ticket. But I know its going to be a bit before we get a response. They are pretty busy. From what I’ve seen so far, at least 4 days after ticket submission. If not a bit more. Which is disappointing but understandable.

At least the laptop works. It just takes a bit to get it started from a cold boot.

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@SerenadedAbyss I don’t understand this is happening with a dock USB-C only or is it an issue happening with the laptop only plugged directly to a power supply ?

I think @Bernd_Steinzimmer explained that the hub is not the issue, but the issue is reproducible using specific power supplies ?

Could anyone who has the issues, can you precise how many watts output is your power supply ?
Less than 65W or more ? Because there is an ongoing issue with power delivery negotiation on BIOS 3.03, we’re waiting for an update to fix this : AMD Framework USB-C charger compatibility issues

@AkechiShiro At least for me, this issue happens regardless if it is connected to my power supply or running on battery. But I do use a 100w power supply.

Anker 100 Watt directly or connected to Anker hub with 85 Watt power delivery. Dell 130 Watt power supply. Sonnett 750 eGPU 100 Watt power delivery.
It is charging fine with all these power supplies, but the cold boot fails, it is not very reliable on cold booting. So this problem is different from the mentioned thread.

@Bernd_Steinzimmer by cold boot can you please explain what is a way to reproduce ?

I just need to leave my laptop plugged in to power supply and powered off completely and then after 24h try and do a cold boot while still plugged to the power supply ? And I should hit the weird led sequence which doesn’t boot up directly ?

I’m wondering if it could be possible to know the exact power draw in USB-C (I have measured with an USB-C ampmeter on a Dell USB-C power supply 65W, 3V and ~20A, which worked alright so far)

I have USB-C docks with more power (110W), will try them soon and report if anything weird is happening.

Cold boot means, I shutdown the Framework with Windows 11, no hibernation, no standby, no Modern Standby. It is completly shutdown. Then I unplug the power, nothing else is connected to the Framework since I use USB-C only. After that, I hit the power button. The boot fails with the mentioned blink code. After I see the blink code, I press the Framework power button for 10 seconds to shut it down again. Then I hit the power button again to get it booted, it may or may not boot afterwards. It depends on how lucky I am, or some other reason.

@Bernd_Steinzimmer can you reproduce the issue under Linux as well, it feels like it’s more on the hardware side.

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Sorry I don’t have Linux installed and never will.

You don’t need to install but if the problem doesn’t happen when cold booting under Linux (using a USB bootable key), you can rule out the hardware, but maybe it is hardware related and you can raise a ticket to Framework support.

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@SerenadedAbyss support has answered me. Besides asking for my SSD, RAM and charger, they also wanted me to remove all expansion cards. I did, but without any change. Then, they asked me to load optimized settings from the BIOS. I did, now I get mixed results. It seems I have now the same charging problems others describe with blinking red led…