FW13 Battery innovation.. by removing speakers ?! Wuut ?!

How about offering a huge battery pack for the FW13 that extends to the space that the speakers are covering, those willing to make this sacrifice could just use the extra battery to connect to Bluetooth or use headphones

Certainly could be a banger wacky idea and surprisingly popular with consumers

That’s gonna be a very expensive battery, stretching the tooling costs between all 5 customers.
Remeber that “people that own any framework laptop” is already a small customer base.


I think they should throw this idea out there and test how many of their small customer base would actually buy one

People might be scared to publicly admit it, so an anonymous poll could be great

There really isn’t that much extra volume, especially considering how the shape tapers…
IMO some people just need to learn to bring a power bank :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you sacrifice your speakers for 10% better battery life?

  • Yes
  • No
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You might be right and with the new bios you could also buy a cheap one that charges slower

I just think the idea of a marketplace is amazing, I would like at least a few weird things on there, they should come up with a bunch and make one of it real with community feedback