FW16 Batch 10 Guild

If you don’t mind me asking, how do get to this page? I can’t find it

If I ping you, did you receive mail? Otherwise use search, filter on framework 16 Nd aearch batch 10.

Another option is the dropdown at the bottom of the page nwxt to reply, where you can add this topic to your bookmarks.

(And did you check your last replies under your own account profile page?)

Ok, hopefully we can be back on topic again :slight_smile:

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Some folks in batch 7 got their laptops a couple of days ago so April sounds feasible let alone first half of May. :crossed_fingers:

I am really really really hoping that the earthquake situation isn’t going to affect Framework deliveries too much… I haven’t seen anything official from the Framework team on this yet.

Really hoping that after the earth quake, that at worst, the damage is mostly things that can be fixed.

And hoping that the whole supply line for the Framework products is at worse only impacted a little bit.

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I suspect it will take them until at least Monday for the factory to assess what impact there will be on production and for FW headquarters to make a formal statement.

There are “we’re preparing batch” mails send in all batches before ours.

So lets hope we will get our mail next week :slight_smile:

Wow, batch 9 folks just got their prep emails. I can only assume that manufacturing, along with their various partners, and not affected too much.

At this pace, I wonder if we can expect our prep emails late next week as well.

A question:

Once they send the email:

How long will it take to collect it?

And in sending it?

If your bank needs you to authorize the transaction with a code, will the email send you to enter the code?

I wish I hung around in previous batch threads to see how long between prep email and other events (dispatch and arrival).

The excel sheet in the following thread contains such delta data Batch Shipment Chart

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Four days

What it doesn’t have is the spread between start of batch shipment and end of batch shipment. That can be several weeks.

Three days

In which Fedhas do you think lot 10 is sent? Next week?

Regarding to the Thread “Batch Shipment Chart” we can expect the Heads-up email mid to end of this week and shipment at the end of next week.

Lets see how precise that prediction is.

I keep checking my email account looking for our prep message… I know batch 9 got theirs from last Friday… let’s see.

I haven’t been this anxious for a piece of tech in a long while.

I’m relaxed. If we recieve our mail next week that won’t do me any harm.
I think we’ll hold our Frameworks in our hands until end of this month for sure.

so far its 100% worth the wait.

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