FW16 Batch 10 Guild

Let’s also start with the Framework 16 Batch 10 guild :slight_smile:


Batch 10 here as well. The wait is somewhat unbearable only because Framework is still suggesting that our orders will be fulfilled before the end of Q1. Batch 5 has not even shipped out yet.

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Batch 10 here.

the seer says: around half of may.

Delays and pauzes will likely happen, though I am hoping that my laptop hits shipping in the first half of May.

Also batch 10 here; mid May sounds a little optimistic to me - https://www.reddit.com/r/framework/comments/1b96zib/batch_4/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x&utm_name=mweb3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button shows batch 4 email yesterday with shipping 1-3 weeks away.

Assuming 2 weeks per batch, that’s another 12 weeks for batch 10 emails which puts us getting emails mid-June for delivery start July.

Hopefully “2 weeks per batch” is an overestimate #crossfingers.

… which would be nigh on a year after I ordered :roll_eyes: :flushed: :man_shrugging:

Man, when I bought in back in august, I figured I could wait til q1. Now im hearing q3? The excitement died after a few months ago and I’m not sure if I still want it

Yeah, I would love to get a FW16, but I need a laptop by mid-May. If I don’t get the email by mid-April, I’m probably going to have to cancel my pre-order :frowning:

I’ve heard a lot of folks saying they’re likely catching up with other batches that were missing certain modules they didn’t have in stock, or something along those lines. I’ve also heard that they’re probably still getting back up and running after the Lunar New Year. I’m still hoping they’re going to get to one batch per week or faster, especially since my current laptop is begging for retirement.

I’m currently using a MacBook Pro 15" from Feb 2015 … the battery doesn’t last very long and only having a 256Gb SSD is rather cramped these days. I’ll admit I’m tempted to cancel and get a new MacBook Air but I really like the DIY approach / ability to upgrade so am holding firm for now. I’m also keen to see whether Linux is ready for my family (I doubt I’ll be able to pull them away from Windows but you never know).

I’ve had a Fairphone 4 for a couple of years and am happy I can change whatever breaks on that, previous phones got ditched after three years generally due to battery problems and I hate the waste.

Did everyone else order the 180W power supply? I didn’t bother (IIRC it was over £150 which I found hard to stomach) but now I will probably get one … but it apparently can’t be added to the order so I’d have to cancel and re-order … who knows when I’d get a laptop if I did that!? As a side-effect that means it’ll cost me £100 (plus p&p?) rather than the £80 they cost when bought with a laptop :frowning:

I have ordered the 180w power brick too, I hope to use it a lot with other devices as well.

They don’t allow order modification anymore? I added/removed few items last month.

They allow order modifications with certain items only. Check the support FAQ, the what you can modify and what you cannot are pretty clearly stated there.

I know. I’m just disappointed.

How do I add or remove items from my Framework Laptop 16 pre-order? says I can’t add a PSU to a DIY order.

The later article, How do I add or remove items from my pre-order?, doesn’t explicitly mention the PSU so I’ve opened a support ticket but I’m not holding my breath :upside_down_face:

Like some of you folks, I too wanted to update my order. I now want a dGPU, but support stated that making such a change would kick my current position and place me at the back of the line. I’ll just have to wait until they start selling the dGPU on the open Marketplace OR if someone else is willing to sell theirs.

Confirmed, I can’t add a PSU. The reasons are a bit “computer says no” but :man_shrugging:

The PSU is available for sale already. Got mine last week, only caveat being the extra shipping fee. Still waiting for the notebook (batch 8).

Apparently, many users report that their expected delivery changed from Qx (so Q2 for all of us I guess) to the month. In my case it became April.

I’m curious though how many later batches are still in April though :slight_smile:

Batch 10 is likely to be late April, they have only just started delivering Batch 6. It is going to be a cadence of about a batch/week in the ‘prepare’ emails going out.

Ooh, yes, I see mine now also says April :slightly_smiling_face: