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Clearance delay noooo

Anyone from Australia got their batch 15 charged? Or shipped? Im still stuck waiting for my card to be charged.

Me too… sad trombone I’m such a kid on Christmas who was just told it’s been delayed a day or two!

Mine “failed to deliver” so I’m redirecting it to a local store, since I’m not home right now. Annoyingly, they claimed that they tried to deliver 8:30 AM local time…

I was starting to get hyped…

I got this too, not really happy about this kind of delay. Hopefully they don’t make us wait too long.

EDIT: I just found this post from October 2023- Framework is aware of this situation long ago! [RESPONDED] FedEx issue - stuck in Alaska with "Clearance Delay" - #7

Our packages should continue to ship after 2 days of being on “hold”, hopefully. If not, I might contact Framework team about this.

Au orders have been delayed 2 to 3 weeks due to an issue with the courier. I believe they are changing to a new courier.

Just recieved UK :slight_smile:

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Delays to Australia are pain, still yet to be charged but living through other B15 orders <3

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Got my stuff in the UK!
I bought an LED matrix as an extra but I forgot to buy another to fill in the space oops

Anyone get any info on why some batch 15 orders are still in customs clearance? It’s been 7 days and it’s still not resolved?


I emailed customer support about it, haven’t heard back from them yet.

Picked up the laptop last Wednesday, and then went on a trip for a few days. Got to set it up and play with it though. I’m liking it so far - there’s slight gap in the spacers but not significant. The only issue I have with it is that the fans are indeed rather loud, but that’s minor in comparison to the performance upgrade over my old laptop.

I did discover the hard way, however, that a 20 amp breaker is not enough for my living room. I plugged the laptop in and it tripped…

Hello friends,

If you have a U.S. order that has been waiting for more than 5 days in Anchorage or Memphis, please let us know.

If you are a customer from Australia and have not been charged yet, please do not worry. We are experiencing some delays, and our logistics team is monitoring the situation.

If you are based in any other region and have any issues, please let us know.

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I did send an email and my ticket was closed. Should I send another one?

It’s difficult to upgrade a breaker since the wiring in the wall is probably also only rated for 20A continuous. An electrician could probably reroute some of the outlets to a new circuit (or install new outlets) though.

How much stuff are you running in your living room that it trips a 20 amp breaker? :open_mouth:

Well the biggest offender is my bf’s water cooler. Something about “I don’t want to drink micro plastics every day” (I’m joking, but that’s a real issue in my area)

Apparently the 1A difference between my old charger and the 180W framework charger, is enough to go over the limit when both of our laptops are plugged in (plus the lamp and all the TV stuff)

It’s fine, I’ll just get the lower rated charger and use the beefy one when I’m traveling

There is no need to send another one, the shipment is with Fedex now and our logistics team is monitoring it, thank you!


Sounds good, I’ll raise my hand and say mine’s been in clearance delay for a full week now.


Yeah I’ve got the exact same issue here, I’ve been monitoring it every day for the past week but no luck

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